We left England in the rain at 12 deg C and arrived to glorious sun and 16 deg C.  Reykjavik is an amazing city filled with colourful and artistic buildings and sculptures.  It is now just about midnight and the sun is about to set.  Beautiful.
6/23/2012 02:09:04 am

Glad to hear you made it and that the weather was nice for your arrival. Took a look at the galleries, so far I think Mum has you beat on overall quality, but your picture of the sculpture is my favourite overall.

6/23/2012 03:20:03 am

Close but no cigars yet Julian. What's with you taking pictures of Maggie early in the morning when she's grumpy. Better suggestion would be after a few glass of white wine and once she did Down the Hatch with the local schnapps!

Mavis & Bob
6/29/2012 08:49:13 pm

Wow!! What a team you make.Splendid does not begin to describe your photographic skills.The Rocketlike Church is quite amazing,the lupins divine & Mother Goose brought a smile too.Keep enjoying yourselves.Much Love.M & Bob K/L


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