One of the best trips we have been on.  We plan to return to Iceland since there is so much to see.  Perhaps in the winter.  

We will be sure to use Nordic Visitor again.   They did a great job of customizing our trip, booking our rental car, and making all the B&B bookings (all of which were great).  Their package is very complete with lots of maps and information.  It made everything worry free.  Very professional and also very friendly.  Check out their website:  

Photographically I feel that I did a much better job from a technical perspective.  Using a tripod, f14 (or the sweet spot for the lens) for sharpness and depth of field, and 2 second mirror lock up all make a huge difference.  As for composition and the "eye" for the image, well, I still have much to learn from the master.

Thanks for all your positive and encouraging comments.

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    Julian Sale.
    I love photography as does my wife, Maggie, so we have great fun indulging in our passion around home in Canada and wherever we travel. 

    We like most types of photography and are always looking for new ways of expressing ourselves photographically.


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