Today was all about glaciers and icebergs.

We first stopped at the Fjallsjokull glacier and hiked all along the lagoon in front of the glacier.  While we were there, we heard a huge thunder like cracking within the glacier.  It went on for at least a minute.  Sounded like something major was happening although we could not see any calving.  Suddenly the entire lagoon started to surge.  We retreated up the bank for safety.  That was the end of the reflection shots but all rather exciting.

Next we stopped at Jokulsarlon Iceberg Lagoon were we stayed the rest of the day.  We went on a zodiac ride amongst the icebergs.  Wow, what an experience!  The day started very overcast and hazy but miraculously when out on the zodiac, the sun came out although the nice dark clouds remained in the east.  There was hardly any breeze and it was warmer than usual.   The guide said that it doesn't get any better than that.

After our zodiac ride we went to a nearby beach to photograph ice chunks on the black sand.  A great day !!!
6/28/2012 02:58:37 am

Does my heart good to see all that lovely ice and snow, and you two all bundled up in cold-weather gear (vs Toronto, which is a steamy 32 degrees today). Your lupine fields and waterfalls are gorgeous. I'm having lots of fun on your holiday - thanks for keeping the adventures coming!

7/22/2012 09:52:58 pm

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