We drove for miles across the very flat alluvial plains of Skeidarsandur south of Icelands largest ice cap  Vatnajakull.  Very barren.  So barren in fact that Iceland was chosen for a si fi film depicting the end of the earth. Tom Cruse is here now shooting for the movie.

Skaftafell National Park is filled with all sorts of wild flowers.  We were able to get quite close to the face one of the glaciers and  got some great abstract shots.  All in all we only hiked 8 km but it seemed longer since we were constantly stopping for another picture.

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    Julian Sale.
    I love photography as does my wife, Maggie, so we have great fun indulging in our passion around home in Canada and wherever we travel. 

    We like most types of photography and are always looking for new ways of expressing ourselves photographically.


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