4:30am came early but with it being so light one did not have the same sensation of getting up really early.

We made it to the airport and our flight left on time.   When we arrived at Manchester our bags were already out by the time we got to the luggage carousel so we headed for the train which is a 10 min walk within the airport.  Turns out that there was a train in 10 minutes which we got with 8 minutes to spare after buying the tickets.

We arrived at Oxenholme Lake District station at 1:30 pm where Maggie's brother, Rob, picked us up and drove us to a local farm where we store our car while away.

And the weather?  It was rubbish (as the English say) almost the entire time we were away.  They have had torrential rains and flooding in many areas in the UK (fortunately not in Kirkby Lonsdale).  Remarkably, by the time we arrived at Oxenholme, the skies had cleared and we had fluffy clouds and blue skies, and the warmest temperatures in the past 3 weeks.  What a perfect end to our trip.

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