Another great day - and a very long day it was. Thus, the delay in posting even though we had access to Internet.

Spent the day exploring Reykjavik.  What an interesting city filled with surprisingly high quality stores, especially ones offering various creative works of local artisans.  As you can see in our galleries, we spent quite some time photographing the new and very modern concert hall.

After dinner we went to a special event at the Blue Lagoon (about 45 min bus ride from Reykjavik).  Once a year there is an organized hike over an old volcano near the Blue Lagoon, down through the geothermal power plant (biggest in Iceland), and on to the Blue Lagoon which they keep open until midnight - the only day of the year.  It is a big event for Icelanders.  We did not get back to our room until after 2 am (still twilight).  Tired but very happy.
6/24/2012 09:23:32 pm

There's no doubt about the winner - BOTH of you TOGETHER! The combination of gorgeous landscapes/graphics and day-in-the-life people/food shots are a great mix for a wonderful story about Iceland. Looking forward to the next chapter!

6/25/2012 06:10:37 am

Julian: without them we can't win, and with them we'll not win!

But above all savour the journey & enjoy the photography opportunities. It's a great country to experience & photograph.

In '86 we spent 2 weeks in Iceland - the fish meals were phenomenal - both fresh & salt water.

Judy Griffin
6/25/2012 06:18:46 am

Kas is correct, you are both winners, both super photographers but with different styles.
I'm enjoying your site ( what a great idea!), and your trip is bringing back lots of memories of our trip so many years ago - we still talk of going back. Of course, you will need to leave some pixels for us!
Have a wonderful time!


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