This was our second day in Isafjordur.  We started by driving through a 5 km tunnel to the next village called Bolungarvik to see the Osvor Folk Museum (depicting traditional life of fishermen).  The museum is a well presented reproduction of fishermen huts filled with original artifacts.  A guided tour was given by a local person in traditional Icelandic sheepskin leather clothing used by fishermen in the past.

The pleasant and knowledgeable attendant, Loi, commented that this summer has the driest in many years.  Lucky us, 15 days and virtually no rain (not so good for the farmers).  She also encouraged us to visit Bolungarvik which turned out to be a delightful village well worth the visit. The village is one of Iceland's oldest fishing outposts.

Later in the day Maggie went on a 3 hour boat tour to Vigur, an island were she photographed birds and saw how eiderdown was collected and processed.  While Maggie was on her tour, I hiked up the mountain next to Isafjordur and was rewarded with amazing views.
7/8/2012 09:51:50 pm

I wouldn't know which of you I'd choose to follow. Julian's mountain is the kind of challenge I love, and the views are amazing. But being on the water and attacked by terns would be great fun too. Obviously you need more than one day here! (I'm off to Georgian Bay this morning. Will miss your postings for a few days but look forward to catching up when I get back.)


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