Today we had sun until late in the day, the opposite of the usual pattern.  Shortly after leaving Drangsnes we traveled over fairly high pass and then dropped down into the western fjords region.   The distance to our destination was not long as the crow flies, but of course, it was much longer as we drove in and out of numerous fjords.  What a lovely drive it was.

Photography always involves some luck.  We had just started our journey and had made several stops in the first 5 km.   As we drove along, we debated stopping once again as we saw a fishing boat heading out the misty fjord.   Just as we stopped a humpback whale came up right beside the fishing boat.  It would have been a great shot had we stopped 20 seconds sooner.

We arrived at our destination, Isafjordur, in mid afternoon.  We had lots of time to explore and photograph this delightful fishing port, the largest in the western fjords.

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    Julian Sale.
    I love photography as does my wife, Maggie, so we have great fun indulging in our passion around home in Canada and wherever we travel. 

    We like most types of photography and are always looking for new ways of expressing ourselves photographically.


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