We now start 4 days in the northwest fjords area.  Travel is a short distance from point to point but long distance when you have to travel in and out of the fjords.  Each a beautiful vista on its own.

Our first major destination involved a 60 km detour to Hvritserkur - and boy was it worth it.  Nature is a wonderful sculptor.

After that we had a lovely drive in and out of the fjords.  The east side of the  northwest fjords region, the Strandir coast, receives a lot of driftwood from Siberia and Norway.  Collecting this wood was an important industry in the past.  Although still collected today, it is not a major industry.

At our destination, Drangsnes, we met a friendly Canadian couple, Howard and Amy, and their son who were camping wild around Iceland.  They were warming up in the local hot tub.
Judy Griffin
7/6/2012 02:55:01 am

Hi Julian & Maggie,
I have been enjoying your images ( Julian, I think you are matching Maggie all the way...well, except for your whale watching as you mentioned).
As well, your blog is great in taking us along with you in your travels, and well done you for keeping it up.
Can't wait to see one of your Iceland shows!

8/15/2012 04:11:01 pm

Thanks for sharing, please keep an update about this info. love to read it more.

Brigitte Carter
2/1/2013 09:09:03 pm

could you contact me at this @ adress I am Gordon and Janine Carter daughter .


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