A beautiful day today - sunny and low winds so we decided to go whale watching in Husavik about 50 km from Myvatn.

We had a lovely drive over with beautiful vistas and "more" lupins.

En route we stopped at a folk museum of traditional farm life over the past 150 years.  The turf roofed buildings were filled with all sorts of artifacts.

Husavik is famous for its whale watching so we booked a 3 hour tour.  We went several kms out into a very large bay in front of Husavik.  The bay is named "Shakey Bay" because of the several earth quakes they experience every day - fortunately they are mild.

We saw a blue whale (not commonly seen) and several humpback whales.   Maggie got all the good pictures.  I was successful in getting great pictures of the whale watchers.

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