Today we explored Lake Myvatn area (Icelandic for midges which can reach plague proportions).  Fortunately we are in between peek periods which can occur every few days depending upon weather conditions.  We photographed some pretty amazing lava formations which are fairly unique to the area.

We went to the Krafla volcano and Viti Crater geothermal and power plant area.  The crater has a large lake inside the cone which we hiked up and around the entire rim.

We ended the day at the Myvatn geothermal nature baths - very relaxing.   
7/2/2012 12:48:07 pm

Just shared your beautiful pictures to my parents. We had Icelandic scampis two nights ago, it was marvelous! We had our topical 4 four bottles of wine every night for 5 days in a row! My liver will be like Foie Gras! Cigars with Dad every night. Life's good!
Cheers from L'Esterel, PQ


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