We stayed in the Hofn area.  We lucked out on the location we chose to photograph - it was mostly sunny whereas only a few kilometers away it was raining.  The day went by in a flash.

Hofn is the lobster (langoustine) capital of Iceland so of course we had to have some for dinner.  Best we have ever had anywhere.  Melt in your mouth tender.  Maggie was very happy (even without any Schnapps).
Today was all about glaciers and icebergs.

We first stopped at the Fjallsjokull glacier and hiked all along the lagoon in front of the glacier.  While we were there, we heard a huge thunder like cracking within the glacier.  It went on for at least a minute.  Sounded like something major was happening although we could not see any calving.  Suddenly the entire lagoon started to surge.  We retreated up the bank for safety.  That was the end of the reflection shots but all rather exciting.

Next we stopped at Jokulsarlon Iceberg Lagoon were we stayed the rest of the day.  We went on a zodiac ride amongst the icebergs.  Wow, what an experience!  The day started very overcast and hazy but miraculously when out on the zodiac, the sun came out although the nice dark clouds remained in the east.  There was hardly any breeze and it was warmer than usual.   The guide said that it doesn't get any better than that.

After our zodiac ride we went to a nearby beach to photograph ice chunks on the black sand.  A great day !!!
We drove for miles across the very flat alluvial plains of Skeidarsandur south of Icelands largest ice cap  Vatnajakull.  Very barren.  So barren in fact that Iceland was chosen for a si fi film depicting the end of the earth. Tom Cruse is here now shooting for the movie.

Skaftafell National Park is filled with all sorts of wild flowers.  We were able to get quite close to the face one of the glaciers and  got some great abstract shots.  All in all we only hiked 8 km but it seemed longer since we were constantly stopping for another picture.
A few more clouds but nice weather still continues - warm too.  Forecast not so promising in a couple of days.  Rain to arrive and highs down from record 20 deg C to 5 dg C.

More great waterfalls although the dry weather has practically dried up the smaller volume falls.  Amazing black lava beaches, sea stacks and basalt cliffs and lupines, lupines and more lupines

The day ended at a very remote location where we had arranged to have dinner - turned out to be gourmet.  Smoked arctic char, wild goose and mushroom starters, the best tasting lamb we have ever had along with other delights.  It just gets better.
Lovely weather still holding in spite of original forecast for rain.  This part of Iceland is into 4th week of unusually dry weather - somehow I think the odds favour the rain gods right now.

Saw geysirs, amazing waterfalls and the seat of the oldest parliament in the world.

We booked more remote locations and it turns out they seem to represent the less than 2% of the population that does not have high speed Internet so reporting may be spotier than expected.
Another great day - and a very long day it was. Thus, the delay in posting even though we had access to Internet.

Spent the day exploring Reykjavik.  What an interesting city filled with surprisingly high quality stores, especially ones offering various creative works of local artisans.  As you can see in our galleries, we spent quite some time photographing the new and very modern concert hall.

After dinner we went to a special event at the Blue Lagoon (about 45 min bus ride from Reykjavik).  Once a year there is an organized hike over an old volcano near the Blue Lagoon, down through the geothermal power plant (biggest in Iceland), and on to the Blue Lagoon which they keep open until midnight - the only day of the year.  It is a big event for Icelanders.  We did not get back to our room until after 2 am (still twilight).  Tired but very happy.
We left England in the rain at 12 deg C and arrived to glorious sun and 16 deg C.  Reykjavik is an amazing city filled with colourful and artistic buildings and sculptures.  It is now just about midnight and the sun is about to set.  Beautiful.


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